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Sixpériodes departs from composed and improvised fragments of different media from dance or theatre performances, silent films or dance-conferences. Far from standard soundtrack music, each creation here is accomplished using diverse approaches and techniques that demonstrate the most personal skills of eRikm in combining different material – digital and acoustic sounds, field recordings and vinyl manipulations – in a unique way.
His primary aim is no longer simply to quote his system of references but to create for himself a bank of singular material to compose without referring to other works, thus approaching a subtle abstraction and a sense of pause within contemporary sonic agitation.

eRikm started as a solo artist in 1992 taking off from his interest in visual arts and rock music to become renowned for his turntabling virtuosity
and his use of electronic instruments and tools in integrated scenic set-ups.
His music is experimental music: not in the usual sense of abstract avant-garde research, but as a sensitive practice always taking its lead from the musical – the instrumental – act, and is open to all surprises along the way.