She Traded Her Leg

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“Behind the largely self-taught American musician/composer, JEFFREY BÜTZER’S command of an impressive array of instruments (piano, glockenspiel, guitar, drums, xylophone, bass, banjo, autoharp, ocarina, melodica, accordion, harmonica…and the list goes on) lies an even greater penchant for experimentation and a deep appreciation of a wide range of musical styles. Seeming at first like a jolly dose of gypsy or circus music, his debut album with Lona Records, She Traded Her Leg quickly strikes a chord with its particular brand of percussive lo-fi minimalism tinged with cinematic overtones. And while such ‘baroque’ leanings may seem, to the uninitiated, as the unfocused wanderings of a musician with his finger in too many pies, it is only necessary to hear the play of melodic lines in tracks like “Wooden Giraffe” and “Broken Blunderbuss” to appreciate the uniqueness of Bützer’s musical voice. In the second half of the album (named “One Hundred and Sixty Three Black Bubbles”), things gradually start to take a more introspective turn, with the insertion of gamelan inspired rhythmic elements, violin and autoharp noises; culminating in the longest track of the album “Her Body is a Swamp”. From the circus to the heart of darkness—Bützer’s genre-defying album is hard to beat for its playfulness and sophistication.”