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“Track 1 was recorded at Merkin Concert Hall in New York on November 12, 1992, as part of the interpretations concert series.
Track 2 was recorded in concert at Performing Space 122 in New York on the evening of October 28, 1990.
Track 3 was recorded at Lotus Arts on January 29, 1994.”

“Three wonderful ensemble compositions from the uplifting, light hearted, and generous mind of Forward. Simultaneous Music is for six players who prepare their parts independently, never rehearse together, and are asked not to listen to each other for cues, etc. In this recording, the combination of melodic strings with percussion, voice, electronics, pedal steel, television sound, telephone books, dishes, turntables, stamping, etc., provides some rare moments. The Yin-Yang Merger is intended as “a meeting ground for acoustic and electronic music” and is scored for a battery of percussionists, voice, electronics, and Ben Neill’s “mutatrumpet.” Feeding Frenzy is a project about the “fabrication, composition, and consumption of food” — food and cooking hardware are used as instruments, and the score for the work is a set menu listing each of the courses. A delight for the unhurried. [Fans may also want to pick up Fast’s The Caffeine Effect on Ear Rational Records and Rotorblade on Obsolete Music].”