Rawfrücht 2

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“As a trio [guitars plus percussions], Rawfrücht tends to redefine the rules of the secular guitarist’s world. Described as a weird avant garde noisy soundscape jazz rock trio… with a groovy approach, one might say that eclecticism is a much better and convenient description for this unique Belgian band. A not to-be-classified universe now completed with some timid voice appearances, floating over the unusual rock-but-not-postrock field of guitars. After the release of their first untitled album names like Marc Ribot, Sonic Youth, Tortoise, and King Crimson were tossed around frequently. Seemingly aware of these echoes, the trio seems to have achieved a new level of guitar blend and ‘unclassical’ elements. Their new opus 2, is unabashedly presumptuous and presented as a ‘conceptual’ object, evolving like a landscape observed through a windscreen while driving in an unknown country under permanent misty weather. Music for an introspective journey toward the far limits of one’s subconscious, with as a guide the 13 minute long opening track ‘Suite 2’, and the subtle murmured vocals on ‘Forythia Pt. 1 & 2’.”
Notes from Forced Exposure.