R​.​U​.​O​.​K. in Dub

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“In Dub” is an uniquely different kind of release. Taking the starting point and cues from several of the songs on last year’s “R.U.O.K?” album [QUATERMASS QS140 cd/lp] “In Dub” re-imagines them, often ending up far away from where the original song began. And in some cases, what has emerged is not even a version of a song on “R.U.O.K.?”, but a whole new creation that may just bear a tiny reminder or stamp of an idea on the last album. It’s long been a favourite device for Meat Beat Manifesto to revisit and reconstruct sparking ideas
into alternate song versions. Five songs include the startling one-take toasting talents of the Bay Area’s DJ Collage on the microphone, grounding this ultra-modern music back into its Jamaican dub roots to express a special continuum. Though it shares some lineage and spirit with “R.U.O.K.?”, it is definitely a whole new album, of dub clashing with pure electro, enter Danger’s wild sound system.

As a producer, Meat Beat Manifesto’s Jack Dangers has long been at the forefront of the digital music revolution, audibly influencing everything around him and providing the architectural audio blueprints for contemporary artists as wide ranging as Nine Inch Nails and the Chemical Brothers.

1. Introduction Dub 1:30
2. Echo In Space Dub 4:26
3. Spinning Round Dub 5:32
4. Fromage Dub 5:50
5. Intermission Dub 4:07
6. Super Soul Dub 5:26
7. Caramel Dub 4:26
8. Happiness Supreme Dub 4:44
9. Retrograde Dub 5:22
10. Timebomb Dub 3:24
11. Radiation Dub 7:28
12. Retrograde Pt. 2 Dub We R 1 4:59