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“Compiled from 3 years worth of recordings, from live sets to mastered tracks, our new compilation “Praeface” stands as a guide to where Praemedia has been and where, as a new label, it is going.

Tracing various intersections of genres from improvisational jazz to plunderphonic electronics to field recordings, diverse splinters and fragmented roots sprout off into calm matrixes of sound. From Japan (Haco) through New York (The Gold Sparkle Band) to Italy (Mou, Lips!), the sounds merge in San Francisco. Pioneers of networked computer music (Tim Perkis) mix with modern masters (Wobbly), alongside unheard musicians and odd collaborations. Avant-jazz damaged blues sparks drum and bass roots to forage in an electrostatic world.

For all the monstrous mutations and shattered boundaries, the effect is soothing tranquillity. Music for the ears. Precious gifts of sound open up in small fragments across the landscape of the disc, referencing comfortable moments of the familiar and merging them with a childlike fascination for the new.”

1. Lance Grabmiller vs. Mou, Lips! – Take A Look 3:39
2. Shannon Fields vs. The Gold Sparkle Band – Emphasis Mine 6:10
3. HSoA – Twovers 3:32
4. Nanqui – 6′ 25″ 6:28
5. Tim Perkis – Wrack 4:05
6. Wobbly & Matt Ingalls – I Think He’s Serious 3:55
7. Stars Like Fleas – As Hard As You Want 7:25
8. Quiet American – Mama 3:30
9. Shannon Fields with Martin Nieznanski – Damaged Bedroom Minimalism 3:01
10. Daniel Carter & Matt Lavelle & Shannon Fields – Solo Flute C 5:30
11. Haco & Lisle Ellis & Lance Grabmiller – Untitled 6:00
12. Tim Perkis & Tom Djll – On The Crown 3:51
13. Martin Nieznanski vs. Shannon Fields – Remixed Bedroom Minimalism 2:45
14. Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Lance Grabmiller – Electostatic Blues 5:28
15. Lance Grabmiller – Heavy Traffic 6:35
16. Shannon – Ocean II (For Oliver) 2:36