Placid Places

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“Alok, the founder of Lona Records, is a composer and sound artist from Hong Kong, China. In 2005, he shelved his love of shoegazing and post rock music to start experimenting with his old notebook computer, circuit noise generators/processors and various guitar effect pedals. This sonic excursion of his has never stopped since. 3 years of experimentation and live performances have not only fuelled and consolidated his minimalist expedition in music, but have also established his unique sound. More introspective and esoteric than ever, Alok confidently returns with his fourth album Placid Places. “Purlieu: Dawn” is the live recording from a show at Mooka Space (Shenzhen) in January 2007.”Pool Weakness”, another live recording, features sound fragments from an a cappella group RLIOMA (Richard Curtis, Josh Levi, Magdalen Wong). Embodying a seamless mix of mircosound, avant garde, clicks & glitch, droning and abstract soundscape, Placid Places is a provocative tribute to silence and space.”