Place Of Fear

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“Xibalba” literally means “the place of fear” and was the lowest of the nine underworlds and the realm of the dead. The Maya believed that every cave gave access to this terrifying underworld. It was ruled by ten Lords, or demons, of whom One Death and Seven Death were the leaders. These Lords were given domain over various forms of human suffering and were able to inflict sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, pain, and ultimately death. Who ventured there must first cross a river filled with scorpions, then a river filled with blood and a river filled with pus. Upon passing all these obstacles, one would enter the Xibalban council place, where it was expected visitors would greet the seated Lords. Realistic mannequins were seated near the Lords to confuse and humiliate people who greeted them, and the confused would then be invited to sit upon a bench, which was actually a hot cooking surface. The Lords would entertain themselves by humiliating people in this fashion before sending them into one of Xibalba’s deadly tests. The first was the Dark House (house of total absence of light). The second was the Rattling House or Cold House (full of bone-chilling cold and rattling hail). Third was the Jaguar House (full of bloodthirsty jaguars). The fourth was the Bat House (filled with dangerous shrieking bats) and the fifth was the Razor House (the house of slashing blades). The last was the Hot House ( filled with fires and extreme heat).
According to the sacred Mayan book Popol Vuh the downfall of Xibalba was caused by hero twins. It’s damnation was sealed with their victory in a ball game called Pok-ta-pok equally important to gods and men.
The legend states that was the reason for the collapse of Mayan civilization.

1. Canote 7:19
2. The Twelve And The Dead 6:07
3. Trials 7:02
4. The Passage Of K’inich Ajaw 5:32
5. Hunahpu & Xbalanque 6:34
6. Offerings To Chaahk 10:41