Novi Ronde

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“Already after two seconds listening, everything seems clear: 1980 purposefully deconstructed, and to such an extent, that one could happily stick an “authentic!” sticker on it. A copy can hardly be genius, but it could still be great. However, when looking closer, one may fear that Asja Auf Capri could like themselves so well in the derived wave-punk-pose, that they couldn’t bring themselves to deliver a content update. One knows those retro-victims, vegetating and beamed back into a wish-time, which never existed. But here the opposite is the case. “Novi Ronde” deals all the way through with the now and achieves – still better – in parts even, to defend a timeless protest perspective, without ever coming across flat. The lyrics, throughout in german and delivered with a brittle/fractured voice, are fragmented together from scraps of quotes from imperatives and daily phrases and which are often not registered in the routine of obedience and in which hierarchies and priorities manifest themselves casually. In two lines the realization is delivered that our increasingly potentiated communication possibilities threaten to end in white noise. Worth mentioning is also the flood-song “im neuland”, which pulls as much ambivalence out of itself with cheek, as is possible in any way: “I swim out of the window the domestic dust is my bathing salt” [misquoted in the review]. Underneath narrow-track beats rattle, pulled out of the ‘idiotomat’ for two cents the synths sound even more rubbishy than DAF, Malaria and the rest of the punky – disgruntled/un-funny NDW fraction. Asja Auf capri are so consequently unfunky, unpolished/unshiny and banal, something electroclash in its fake fur mask was naturally never allowed to be, and therefore perhaps quite it is genius yet And to top it all this shit is published under a creative commons license, too!”