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“The electronic tape composition presented on this CD was composed for the multi-media work NOVA created together with the artist Anders Kjær, presented at the Henie Onstad Art Centre from the 2nd to the 22th August 1972. NOVA was one of Norway`s first sound installations. It included a specially designed light show and music played from tape – blended together with a huge 13 x 19 meter installation consisting of glass, rubber tires and piles of paper that the audience could walk through. The composition made for this piece was found on a tape in the centre`s archives and Prisma Records is proud to release an hitherto unknown gem in Norwegian early electronic music history.”


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“”Nova” is the second release in Mix-R’s cd-R series, in which “Enteng” by Zona Fumatori successfully appeared before. Nova is the debut-release of young Japanese Jidai, who works with material very well know these days in laptop-music (high- and low-end sounds, digital distortion and clickings), but is capable of making intimate and personal music with it, for a change. No randomly repeating loops and a dozen layers of sound running simultaneously, but carefully chosen sounds composed in a bed of silence. Nova has a lot of silence in it, which makes its listener very much aware of its intimate and melancholic (but tasty) atmosphere. This completely transparent structure magnifies the clear and delicate sounds Jidai has put in, selectively revealing it’s true identity amongst an overall awaiting feeling and…shyness. The triggering function of these pin-pricks allows you to doze off while listening, almost in a meditative way, and be called in for lunch just on time. This aspect defines just as much as the actual cd, what Nova is or could be?
It’s interesting as Nova goes through unexpected passages and combines structures hard to combine. Although using a very limited spectrum of sound, the whole is very appealing and almost narrative. It’s modest appearance and quiet atmosphere gives you time to live in to the soundtrack, even better, it’s inviting you. The story ping-pongs through 14 short tracks, just over 30 minutes all together.”

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