Nature Of Spinning

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“The trio of Virtaranta, Okuda, and Berger does just that in this live recording. They hone. Naturally rising from brush to scrap and pincer, yet never sinking above to the l. common-denominator plateau of nowhere-to-go-but-keep-going-banging-our-heads-on-the-ceiling acoustic assault these sort of arcs tend to peak at, they proceed with sharp tense execution. The trial is called off. Free to proceed at leisure.
For extensive parts of this they repeat small phrases and rhythms, while slowly changing what they are doing. Especially the first ten minutes are really great, with that contemplative sound they have. The recording is made close by, so all the instruments/ sounds appear to be in your face. Overall I though this was pretty good release.
The CD consists of three improvisations, all carrying the same name; ‘Spin 1’, ‘Spin 2’ and ‘Spin 3’. All three improvisations, start from a repeated or cyclic pattern, that changes constantly. Gradually the interaction intensifies, and some magic moments occur, especially in the third movement.
Whirling music, evoking trance-like effects. It leaves me wondering and asking myself what I just witnessed. It is one of those records of improvised music that make me realize there are still new corners to be discovered. An excellent work, released by the Slovenian label Zvočni prepihi!”

Antti Virtaranta – double bass
Rieko Okuda – viola
Jaka Berger – prepared drums

1. Spin I 12:24
2. Spin II 21:08
3. Spin III 12:16