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Consor is the brainchild of Swiss French-based artist Samuel Vaney.

Samuel Vaney is an accomplished musician, playing everything from guitar, violin, piano, and also experienced with machines, computers, samplers and electronic tools.

As Consor, he uses field recordings, noises, samples, instrument loops, and various other sounds recorded in the whole Europe over a 2 years period. All these sounds are used as sources to build up his music, which brings a warm and organic feeling and an original way of composition.

In 2005, he released his debut record, a limited 6 track EP called “Winter Session”, which caught the attention of the Swiss-based Creaked label, which signed Consor for his debut full-length.

So “Mesantropia” is the debut album by Consor, released on Creaked records in September 2006.

Countless sounds are put together, from instruments, samples, deconstructed rhythms, field recordings, loops, subtle digital noises, dreamy melodies, cold atmospheres, endless soundscapes, minimal beats, infra bass… to build up “Mesantropia”, an instrumental and cinematic-like- timeless trip, putting together outstanding electronica influences and sound experimentation with a pop attitude.

From warm and minimalist pop, to cold and melancholic electronic music and mechanical experimentations, Consor brings an exceptional and unique album of contemporary electronic music, which could be somewhere between Autechre, Mogwai and Plastikman.

Coming with a beautiful visual by renowned French designer Nicolas Chevailler of Drawcaliber, “Mesantropia” is definitely apiece to have.