Live Journal At The Mice Machine VIP Dance Floor

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“Chris Forsyth cuts a wide path through the contemporary music scene with projects ranging from avant-rock to electro-acoustic improv to unclassifiable folk, noise & drone hybrids. He is perhaps best known as a founding member of the iconoclastic group Peeesseye More recently, Forsyth has begun branching out in a solo direction, composing and performing on 12-string acoustic guitar, resulting in his first solo CD Live Journal at the Mice Machine VIP Dance Floor. The music on this record, which was road tested on a September 2007 European tour with Swedish psych legends Trad Gras och Stenar, is rhythmic and lyrical, emphasizing the glowing overtones of his unusual tuning schemes and a relentless sense of repetition. Bits of organ and drum machine flesh out the sound of Forsyth’s 12-string guitar, with the results sounding less like one the recent spate of guitar folk revivalists and more like Tom Verlaine playing elegiac acoustic versions of Glenn Branca pieces. Live Journal at the Mice Machine VIP Dance Floor is Forsyth’s first solo recording to be released since his long out of print debut 1998 seven-inch on the micro-label Bottomfeeder, which was praised at the time by David Keenan in the Wire as”..the best solo guitar record since Donald Miller’s A Little Treatise on Morals. Keep your eyes on this guy.””