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Once, there were nothing,
No sand, no sea,
no iced wave.
Earth does not exist,
neither the high sky,
Gaping was the abyss,
And herbs point.
The Vikings ‘The creation’
Theme is Bass, vibration wending its way through the extremely tight membrane of our eardrum, getting vibrating, slowly oscillating, continuing its travel in the rambling development of the brain.
‘GINNUNGAGAP’ Text continuation
That is the image of the original nothingness.
At the very beginning, there were nothing but an unfathomable abyss, the Ginnungagap ‘gaping abyss’.
At the north of this hole, a world of shadow, Niflheimr ‘dark world’.
In the centre of it, is a source called Hvergelmir ‘noisy cauldron’ where from, the original rivers come out, the élivagar, with poisoned water.
South, a world of fire and flames, Muspellsheimr ‘world of destruction by the fire’ Away from their sources, the élivagar froze and the steam coming from. the poison was getting the inside of the Ginnungagap.
At the same time, the burning air, full of sparks and little flames came from the Muspellsheimr, spread inside, too. And the frost ended to melt.”

1. Pure – Icy Space 10:44
2. Pure – Glowing Pulse 7:57
3. El Gusano Rojo – Die Geburt 21:17
4. Gjoll – Ginnungagap 20:38