Fragments Of The Present

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“Fragments of the present is a study of prepared snare drum with objects, string boxes and feedback speakers. It is an approach in sound and drums i am developing for years and it is an ongoing project. With constantly developing and upgrading preparations, improvisation and playing approach, this project allows me to trive on my own unike sound and music that i record and release regulary. Using this amazing drum as a “resonator” and “body for transmitting different sonic events”, BRGS turns in four long tracks of improvisation, each one quite unlike the last, and filled with unexpected surprises in the aural department. I think if you came to this record “blind”, you’d genuinely be hard-pressed to guess what sort of an instrument was being used to create these uncanny pulsations, these strange chimes, and these deep throbbing drones. It’s not only a unique set-up, but Jaka Berger is obviously deeply intimate with its nooks and crannies, bringing forth rich sounds from this percussive beast with confidence and authority. At the end of the day, the strings and metal bits add nice touches, but it’s that vibrating skin which forms the heart of these powerful improvisations, especially with its rhythmic repetitions that pulse like an organic heart.
Improvisation with prepared snare drum, string boxes, feedback speakers and computer by Brgs
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brgs
Illustration by Špela Škul”

1. Winds 7:52
2. Sands 11:00
3. Waters 8:32
4. Greens 5:06