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Nettle are a group from Spain comprised of Abdel Hak (violin, banjo), Jenny Jones (cello), DJ /rupture (electricity, mud), with the occasional assistance of Khalid Bennaji (guembri, vocals, utar, bendir) and Grey Filastine (darbouka).

Abstract Breaks, Cut Up/Laptop, Global
“Nettle remixed by DJ /Rupture, DJ Scud, Hrvatski, Ove-Naxx, Chief Kamachi, Mehmet Irdel, DJ Olive, Nettle, Timeblind, Mentol Nomad, Joseph Nothing, Com.A, Donna Summer”

1. Untitled (Cancion Hip Hop Arabe) [Nettle Featuring Azia Arradi Remix]
2. The Ballad of Jimmy Hollin is More Awkward Than That (Leafcutter John Remix)
3. Grit (DJ/Rupture & Jenny Jones Remix)
4. OVNX Mash Habikino (Ove-Naxx Remix)
5. Internatinal Clapping (Alejandra & Aeron Remix)
6. Incivilibertarian (Hrvatski Remix)
7. More Fire (Com.A & DJ Shiro The Goodman Remix)
8. If Jeffery and Albert Were Brother (Joseph Nothing Remix)
9. Spaced Anguish Edit (Timeblind Remix)
10. GUTted (Mehmet Irdel Remix)
11. Myanmar (Timeblind Remix)
12. As Nettle as I Wannabe
13. Desert Like Tundra (I/O Remix)
14. Veil of Light (Mentol Nomad Remix)
15. Scorched Earth (DJ Olive Remix)