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“Existence” is music for the bright days in life. What a wonderfull world! Only some few cold shadows or dark corners of doubt, almost to be ignored. An alleluia for the wild life and mother nature. All photographs are made safely in greenhouses (Lisboa & Cologne). Layered arpeggios of „african“ instruments. Organic, bubbling and relaxed with kind of lite flickering and shimmering sound cascades.

fatagaga about “Existence”:

“When working on Existence, I was looking for a clear, brilliant but warm and friendly sound. Someway in opposite to all the dark soundscapes I did at the same time. My association was a sparkling ray of light through green leaves. A sound which would hypnotise my cats and make them feel good. Music which let the plants grow faster. Warm healing music. Of course the thought is kitsch, but I love it.”