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“This CD is the reissue of an LP produced by Music Gallery Editions ‎in 1978.
Sonde, active from 1976 to 1986, formerly le groupe Mud/Design Musical, is a group of Montreal electroacoustic composers and performers.
Their compositions were generally conceived for live performance on original sound sculptures. Through meditative improvisation, the group’s aim was to produce new music with sounds revealed by electroacoustic amplification and transformation.
This CD is the reissue of an LP made by Music Gallery Editions in 1978. It is (still) dedicated to the composer Mario Bertoncini who was the group’s main inspiration at the start. Charles De Mestral (Sonde, 2007)”

1. Mudiature 0:16
2. Sahabi III 6:53
3. Voix 9:01
4. Flutes / Modulation 5:29
5. Mudiature 0:19
6. Les Plaques 10:37
7. Sahabi II 13:54