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Limited to 500 copies.
Debut full length CD from 1998, digitally reconstructed from original files and remastered with two previously unreleased works from the period. out-of-print since 1999. 71 minutes.

When I decided to reissue Direct.Incidental.Consequential, that had been out of print since 1999, I began listening to the original issued cd and compared it to the original sound files that comprised each piece which had been archived on cdr. The original version ofDirect.Incidental.Consequential was recorded via analogue equipment to minidisc and afterwards professionally mastered at a studio. The compression that minidisc recorders utilize altered, and in some instances substantially, the nature of the sound files. This process cut out many frequencies, as did the studio engineer, who was not accustomed to working with this kind of audio. Noting this difference again, I began to reconstruct the entire CD, this time digitally. Originally all the tracks were recorded in real time with no overdubs utilizing a score for each piece arranged in advance. For this rerecording, having lost most of these original notations, I went through each track and diagrammed their arrangements. On this new version I have tried replicate the original arrangements as closely as possible. the only sound files I could not locate were those of the track “test & duration” which has subsequently not been included in this version. Coincidentally this track was actually added at the last minute before going to the original mastering session in 1998. It replaced “untitled97”, a piece that I later regretted having omitted from the first issue. “untitled97” was formed/ recorded in 05/97, prior to the recording ofDirect.Incidental.Consequential, using original source material of mine dating from 1992 and rerecorded digitally for this rerelease. Also, a section has been re-inserted into the beginning of “tonetint.” This reconstruction can be viewed as how Direct.Incidental.Consequential was intended to sound and how I, while composing it, heard it originally. However, due my technological restrictions at the time, the particular quality of sound was not reproduced.

The bonus track “-_-.” stems from early sessions working on Direct.Incidental.Consequential but was not included on the original CD because it seemed so different in nature. The other recordings from the early sessions were drastically reworked to create the pieces that appear on the final version of the CD. This later provided a starting point for the collaborative project 0/r [ 12k, US ] between Nosei Sakata (*0) and myself in 1999. I have included it here as a glimpse of how the sessions for both projects evolved.

1-8 formed/recorded 08/97-01/98, 9 originally formed 92-93, 8 formed/recorded 8/97, 10 formed/recorded 5/97, rerecorded 10/02. mastered by Taylor Deupree. intended for headphone use.