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“The basis for the most tracks is formed by the hybrid of orchestral-ethno-electronic rhythmics and it’s layered over with melodic lines walking from composition to composition and completely unexpected samples hardly rationally coordinated with musical context.”

“The ‘death’s head’ butterfly (Acherontia atropos) is the only butterfly which emits sounds. In many peoples’ believes the appearance of this butterfly forebodes death. Also, half a century ago the emblem of ‘Totenkopf’ SS division had and still has direct associations with death. Interweaving of esoteric vibrations and believes accompanying human beings since their appearance on Earth was expanded in the 20th century with new flows created by people of technogenic era. That what alchemists called “ether”, is now filled with political slogans, calls for violence and personal ravings of every sick mind. Mass communications interlaced all cultures into one awkward mass. This was in the 20th century…”