Butterfly Dust

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S!!!’s first solo CD, Butterfly Dust is 3 pieces for organ, voice, woodwind, and didgeridoo. The performances on Butterfly Dust are informed by a rare combination of virtuosity and exploratory improvisation different from Simon’s equally revelatory computer music. In comparison with some prior performances (e.g. Simon’s startlingly skilled assault on a grand piano on Youngs/Wickham-Smith’s Knish), BD is in a more minimal style, where sounds are given room to build up and establish a mood over the long term. This is particularly true of the long organ solo “Objects Appearing,” where notes are slowly added to a drone over a period of several minutes, giving each newly introduced note a significant impact. Recorded in Australia.

Objects Appearing – for voice, yamaha v50, & Korg MIR
Qamutiik – for Peruvian recorder
Foralicim – for Didjeridu