Big Bug

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“Darla Smoking is a new musical project, formed by two experienced musicians – one is controlling the rhythms, the other electronics, samples and smokey soundscapes. History and modernity are brewing inside this dub-based entity, while at the same time Darla embodies a thousand distinctive voices from all over the globe. The results can be a sometimes dark, sometimes light and dance-oriented fusion of dub, electronica, etno and world music.”

Darla Smokers are Nac and Brgs
Produced by Darla Smoking
Mixed and mastered by Nac
Additional mastering by JureG
Artwork and merch designed by Atlas Skull
Published by KAPA Records (2017)

1. Lullaby For The 1st World 06:40
2. Golden Blood 04:54
3. Big Bug 04:42
4. Sunrise Soldiers 05:54
5. Smokers Delight 07:17
6. Sali 04:37
7. Agia Dub 06:06