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Malaysian artist LAU Mun Leng mainly working visual art: Drawing, painting, video, installation, interative performerd and conceptual art. But she also working on music/ sound too. This is her third release, and new release since 2002. (Herbal)

Much more conceptual is the release by Lau Mun Leng. She is foremost a visual artist, but also plays music. She recorded ‘Antispectic’ in april last year and it’s strange release. She plays keyboard on this release. The first track is just a very short rhythm loop and third track sounds like an electronic pulse sounding like water – or vice versa. In between the second is very long piece for static sine wave, the kind of stuff that Sachiko M is well-known for. Played softly it’s not so bad, as the frequencies fly nicely through your space, but I can imagine that a louder volume this is most irritating. (Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly)