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“He cultivates enigmas. He leaves no one cold. He could be the next genius the right-thinking avant-garde will be late to discover. He is Rothkamm, but his friends call him Frank Rothkamm.

This composer, philosopher, and conceptual artist can turn music (electronic and otherwise) into thought territory, an abstract playground, or even a smoke screen. In fact, Rothkamm is a magician, a prestidigitation theoretician, and a carny all in one.

The oeuvre he is building one CD at a time seems to be designed to side-track listeners (and better push them onward), deconstruct accepted ideas (and better reinvent them), and elevate contradiction to the rank of art form (so as to better critique it). After all, this is the man behind an electronic trilogy that introduced a new and serious music theory peppered with kitsch elements (the FB series), a record of microtonal pieces for parlour organ (one piece bearing the exquisite title “Kris Kristofferson of the Avant-Garde”), a set of piano variations on the first ten notes from the “Spongebob Squarepants” theme song (Opus Spongebobicum), and a digital cantata masquerading as dance music.”