Akaten (Red Heaven)

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Release comes in a small red paper bag with white paper.

‘Akaten’ release from Atsushi Tsuyama & Tatsuya Yoshida. After this album, the duo simply began calling themselves ‘Akaten’ & put out a handful more releases under that moniker. This album is different from the others in that only traditional instruments are used. For their recordings that proceeded this one (under the name ‘Akaten’), they used everyday objects like scissors, toothbrushes, zippers, cameras, & plastic bottles alongside real instruments & humorous lyrics (consisting of various American brand names, etc.) in their live performances and studio recordings.
Atsushi Tsuyama – Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Tatsuya Yoshida – Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards

1. Eyeball Part 1
2. Marriage
3. Trash Can
4. Rotting
5. Marco Polo
6. Spirulina
7. Akaten
8. Funk
9. Rapid
10. Noise
11. Wild Rose
12. Contemporary
13. Mahavishnu
14. Yonezawa
15. Eyeball Part 2