4th Dividers

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systematic division of the soundscape, namely : cuts of the ground, angledozers in bulk, walking on a heavy soil with hobnailed boots, to stone ears, doors and inner doors, holzwege,
syncopated landscapes & landslides, ground bass, blind alleys, ban on sounding the retreat

peregrinations through the abstract, shuffle and superpositions of cards, movements of objects, scissors that we grind, tamping, clean sweep of the idiots, pretences, confrontations between the weak and the strong, smooth and rough, pillage and recuperation, laugh at first, then destruction of the mountain according to rule.

silk saw is the duo of marc maedea and gabriel severin, and follows a pair of releases on belgium’s sub rosa label and the album ‘preparing wars’ on ant-zen. a collection of percussive minimalism that fall somewhere into the grey area between orderly and infectious sporadic ambient. ‘4th dividers’ is carefully constructed intelligent noise with a complex clash of bare cackles, abstract beats and smooth drones

these enterprises require the refusal of compromises. thus, silk saw is not a turkish delight for everybody…