Infinite Jest

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“The Stuttgart-based saxophonists Mark Lorenz Kysela and Nikola Lutz are tenacious advocates of experimentation with saxophones and electronics. „Is there anything that one cannot produce with a saxophone?“ This question haunts them and every day they discover something new: soft and loud, light and hard, tender and billowing, green and grunting, askew and silent, short and crisp. Lutz and Kysela play on several saxophones simultaneously, augment their instruments with mechanical and electronic attachments, and demonstrate their devotion to both improvisatory and compositional forms. They are pioneers on the border of what is aesthetically comprehensible. They quickly redefine the state of the art in contemporary saxophone performance if it should become necessary, for example, for a 16th-tone composition. They launch full force into an uncompromising investigation at the slightest suspicion of the listener’s hesitance to participate fully in the acoustic process.
Infinite Jest, the debut album from Invading Pleasures, represents a selection of postmodern sound and musical concepts that will be a delight for all lovers of acerbic acoustic sensuality.”