Songs For Swinging Larvae

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“The second step in our Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue programme! After Struve & Sneff, we are proud to offer you a remastered and expanded version of “Songs for Swinging Larvae”. Originally released in 1981 on The Residents’ Ralph Records, “Larvae” is no doubt one of Renaldo & The Loaf’s most loved albums. The original vinyl/CD release has been carefully remastered, disc 2 brings you rare material and unreleased tracks from around the time of the album. To be more precise, the second CD, “Songs from the Surgery”, is made up of improvisations, early/ alternative versions of a few Larvae tracks and unreleased pieces contemporary with Larvae, in all totalling over 50 minutes. In the band’s opinion this material will surprise people because it is quite different to most of the material on Larvae. They think it will particularly confound people who saw Renaldo and the Loaf as merely “the English Residents”! We agree.”