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“This new CD, Fame, the first all sound poetry release on Pogus, consists of 20 new polypoems produced by noted Italian sound poet, scholar, and sound poetry archivist Enzo Minarelli between 2008 and 2010.

Since the early 1970s, Enzo Minarelli has been developing his multiple activities, starting from the written word, which will become related to orality, visuality, performance and television. He has been active in the field of linear and visual poetry, creating several one-man shows and also editing records, CDs and DVDs. He is the theorist of Polypoetry (his manifesto came out in Valencia in 1987), stating the spectacular event of sound poetry; he has been performing nationally and abroad. He was the publisher of the vinyl series 3ViTre Records, producing about twenty records both as 45s and LPs, and founding the 3ViTre Archive of Polypoetry which has been collecting verbo-voco-visual materials. A scholar and researcher about orality and poetry, his essays and books are well-known reference sources. His sound and visual works are gathered in the collections of museum, libraries and archives. As a video-poet, he has produced many video-poems since the early 1980s. (Visit his website http://www.3vitre.it)

To quote from Minarelli’s liner notes:

‘Every sound produced here, however strange it appears, has been made by my own voice; nearly 90% of this CD, the remaining 10% coming from the catalogue of special effects attached to the software. A very small percentage of sounds come from the musical side, a slight emphasis, and therefore the intervention will be perceived as non-musical music. The use of sampling effects that come with the software, chosen after a long period of research, finds its reason in my desire to insist on the meaning of the poem….While technological development is fascinating to me, it enables one to work through a much more satisfying, professional approach, I must admit, however, that the creative idea which is the first nucleus for this new CD, came to me listening to an old sound poem of mine, most recently performed in New York [Lincoln Center], Great platonic love for Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, made in the late Nineties. FAME / What I want to state, is based on a dual Chinese practice, the first refers to that painter who, when he paints a tree, becomes himself a tree, and I, who have created all these sounds, am all these sounds; the second, studying the software, which allows me to know me the rules, I am like that Chinese who, once dominated all the rules, no longer feels the rules during the creative action, because he himself is the rule.’

Fame, is the goddess Fame, vox publica [public voice] of Latin poets, she lives in the middle of the world in a building where all the voices of men come to her, the palace spreads amplified all those voices. These sound polypoems express pure creativity, free from burdens of composition, free for Minarelli’s absolute research.”