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Andy Graydon (b. 1971, Maui, Hawaii) is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin.
His work focuses on the interaction of sound, image, and environment. In his recent work Andy is interested in creating what he calls “Science Fiction Ecologies” by engaging with the speculative and transformational qualities within an environment. Taking the form of videos, sound works, media objects and installations this work explores the boundary zones between performance and exhibition, presence and deferral, liveness and mediation.

Graydon has presented work nationally and internationally in programs such as Ausland, Berlin, the Worldwide Video Festival, Amsterdam, and the Portland Art Centre, Oregon. Recent exhibitions and performances in New York City include work at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, LMAKprojects gallery, Diapason, Art In General, Participant Inc gallery, Galeria Galou, The Dumbo Arts Festival, Millennium Film Workshop, White Box gallery, and Tonic. In 2005/2006 he was the visiting artist at the Centre for Computer Music, Brooklyn College, CUNY.

Recent sound releases are available on Non Visual Objects (Vienna), Winds Measure Recordings (Brooklyn), 12k/Term (New York), EKO (Paris), On;(do) Music (Miami), The NY Society for Acoustic Ecology, and forthcoming from White_Line Editions (UK). Collaborations include performances and recordings with John Hudak, Kato Hideki, Kenneth Kirschner, sawako, Amnon Wolman, David Grubbs, Ben Owen, Zach Layton, Andre Golcalves, Brendan Murray, mpld, and Richard Garet. He is the co-founder and curator of three media and performance series in New York City: Becoming, Sonogrammar, and the upcoming LMAKseries.

CD Untitled (Geomancy) [2009] 51:58
1. Farwanderer [2003] 8:43
2. Surroundings (The Ship, The Shoal, The Shore) [2005] 6:47
3. Focal Plane (Ten Frames Align On The) [2006] 23:29
4. Untitled (Aina) [2008] 26:22