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“Accelera Deck’s Sunstrings EP opens like a late-night panic attack, like a power-plant explosion in the middle of nowhere, like all of the world’s computers shorting out at once. A fuzzed-out soundwave gets clearer and louder, then gives way to a mad mess of fighting lightning bolts – jittery and harsh yet entrancing enough to stop you in your tracks. Think of the peaceful horror of that scene in the film The Ice Storm, where the electrical wire comes loose and winds its way through the air – take that feeling, shred it up, and amplify it by a million. Then you’ll be getting close to the horrific sort of beauty generated by Sunstrings’s 17-minute, hardcore first track (hardcore even as the noise attack sometimes gives way to silence, and to more intermittent but still sharp buzzing sounds, and to an assortment of other noises nearly impossible to describe). Keep your ears open; this is not a one-note EP. The second half leans away from the same sort of chaos, towards more of an overwhelming but steady cloud of brilliant noise. The Sunstrings EP is an extremely exciting voyage, a wild trip off to some other, other planet, far away from most people’s existence. Enjoy it, sink into it, let your mind try to figure it out. But don’t even start thinking about the fact that so many of these sounds were generated from a guitar, or your head will explode.” DH