Cards On The Table

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“Staalplaat is proud to present the first work by a new trio, of which some members are rooted in music since ages.
“Cards On The Table” is not a traditional music release. The material was brought in by three players at their numerous meetings. It involves no instruments, but everybody brought sound material on tape, which was collated and collaged on hard disc. By using a deck of playing cards, various combinations and mixes were proposed. To enhance the idea of shuffling a deck of cards, the CD is now presented as a “shuffle” mode CD.
Every time you play this a new total composition arises. During talks the three discussed the atmosphere, rather then rhythms, chords or melodies. Now they are searching for people to translate the project with visuals.
In just under 19 minutes you get 28 tracks which quickly change atmospheres, locations. Rhythms come and go, resulting in a frenetic collage. Edited with great care with lots of surprises.
Besides Michel Banabila, there is Bobby (no last name revealed) from Gent. He’s a drummer, DJ and editor of some music on Voiz Noiz 2 (the latest Banabila work as yet unreleased). He’s by profession an architect.
Hannes Vennik is a poet and has released music on Worm, a CDR label from Dodorama (shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands).
Michel Banabila recently played live with singer Ali Idrissi and now works on Voiznoiz 2. Part 1 was recently released by Tonecasualties (usa) and PorkRecordings (uk).
This CD is a 5″ CD with 3″ playing. The print is all on the jewel case (like Staalplaat’s recent Material Series) and also comes with a Mexican table cloth and of course a playing card.”