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“Formed in 1993 Lockweld’s Steve Makita and Karen Thomas soon began boggling minds of those in the punk/hardcore scene which they’d grown out of. Many in this particular scene were drawn to the group because of Steve’s membership in the band Apartment 213, where some of the experimental sounds originated. Integrity frontman Dwid recorded and contributed to some of the group’s early work. Lockweld gained mass acceptance in the underground industrial/harsh Noise scene, getting praise from legendary artists and groups like Merzbow, Whitehouse, and Haters. After several vinyl singles, split releases, and appearances on compilations, their debut CD “All the Power” was released on California’s Vinyl Communications label. They have since put out three other discs, including one on the popular Ground Fault Recordings label. A special thing about this band is that they use in their music power tools, machinery and weapons: real sounds that are later re-sampled, looped, processed and distorted with the use of an analogue synthesizer. It is impossible to guess what the group will do live. Past performances have generally used power tools such as sanders and grinders, but have also often included fire and large pieces of wood and metal. Formally disbanded in 2006.”

1. Industry Theory 5:38
2. Sadistic Theory 5:59
3. Exorcism Theory 7:22
4. Tit Wrench Theory 4:56
5. Kid606 Theory 13:56