Dub Zap – 1.0 Standard Version

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This is Jos Smolders’ second release for Staalplaat, following 1995 ‘Music For CD Player’ (still available) and could be seen as an extension to that release. ‘Music For CD Player’ had 99 tracks, and the listener could be the conductor of his own piece. However Smolders was feeling frustrated by some of the reactions to “music for cd-player” he decided to make something less difficult but at the same time stick to his own weird way of doing things.
Everyone has a big interest in dance music and Smolders decided to try his hands on percussive sounds from that area. The principles of the first cd however were maintained and even further elaborated. There are now two CD-extra’s, both filled with 20 minutes of music and additional software (one with Macintosh and one with PC software, being Hammerhead, Cool Edit96, and D-sound PRO ). This allows the player to mix by using two cd-players and those of for the listeners unable to devour the huge amount of information presented on ‘music for cd-player’ now get nice portions of sound bites lasting only 20 minutes.
“During the year of 1996 I have compiled a whole series of treatments of soundbites from popular (and less popular) dance music. Although my own music tends demands a lot of brain activity from its listeners I am (like most humans) fond of sounds and rhythms that make you want to move your feet. I now have explored that area, and made my own special version of it” (statement by Jos Smolders)