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Paul Wirkus (Spokój, solo works, Mapa) and Uwe Schneider (ex-Bassick) and their first release together as duo. “3/5/1” in 100% recorded live, is showing them as experienced improvisors. Imagination, intensive emotions, atmospheric sound sculptures, exploding crossroads of sparkling sounds, fireworks of acoustic glitches, dark chocolate bass drones. Nonstereotype rhythms, hidden timing, bass guitar sometimes like an avalanche, sometimes soothing like distant ocean. Paul’s acoustic percussion with it’s full possibilities and Uwe’s bass treated as unknown, new instrument. Wirkus and Schneider, as they say, are influenced by the early electronica pioneers from fifties (xx century!), but their experience with newest software and hardware hit the deep sign into this music, making the effect original as it can be, good for contemporary classical connoisseurs and for smarter club kids even in the same moment. “3/5/1” can be described as one particular drum and bass anthem, but extremely time-expanded, stretched, deeply deconstructed, played with no software, with all those micro accidents on the surface. Extatic investigation, fresh underground ideas, new step in young musicians exploration of “new” but “old” – “old” but “new” musical terra incognita’s treasure islands. Honest work from honest musicians for honest listeners. Sometimes Freedom is so cheap.

the first international mik.musik.!.’s release. we are proud of it, making this important step. good fo us, good for music. brave jump from small sea into depths of unknown but fascinating ocean.

Paul Wirkus: drums & cymbals
Uwe Schneider: bass & effects
Recorded: live to two track dat. Cologne 03.05.2001
first edition is limited to 111 numbered copies