TNT, Motherfükker EP

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“This ep contains two versions of the title track. Again, the style chosen is concrete noise resembling free jazz, and actually is heavily on the noisy side of that equation, except for the drums. The elements on it fuse quite well together, but not strongly enough. The structure builds up too slow to build up force, in a manner more reminiscent of tinkering instead of composition.
The second of the two versions, Brutal Ruth edit by Jari Eskelinen, is clearly the stronger one, mainly because on it the sounds come as rougher and with more pressure. There’s a lot of good material on this disc, but it really needs condensing. My guess is that with a solid wall of sound behind it (either from the band itself, or as a collaboration with some machine noise artist) this group’s strengths would truly get to shine. Clever and occasionally very fine, but does not stay interesting long enough.” (Jiituomas, Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys)