Water Music # 1

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A molecule is the smallest particle of a pure chemical substance that still retains its chemical composition and properties. A molecule consists of multiple atoms joined by shared pairs of electrons in a covalent bond. It may consist of atoms of the same chemical element, as with oxygen gas (O2), or of different elements, as with water vapor (H2O). Abstractly, a single atom may be considered a molecule, as it is when referred to collectively with molecules of multiple atoms, but in practice the use of the word molecule is usually confined to chemical
compounds, of multiple atoms.
it’s not art nor science it’s poesis!

The most unknown one here is Juto Aviten. No information here whatsoever, just the cover saying ‘made with water…’, which is indeed clearly to be heard. Water drips a little bit here, and gets somewhere along the line a computer treatment by Aviten. Deep bass made via forms of extreme filtering, a very occasional high end tone, which seem to be arriving more in the second half of this forty-five minute piece, when the real water sounds are long gone. I don’t believe it’s Aviten’s idea to play a piece of music, but rather playing a large block of sound that works as an environment, that can be played at a low volume and will fill your own environment quite nicely. Played loud and paid with lots of attention, this work isn’t that strong.