Dave’s Waves – A Sonic Restaurant

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“Hello! Welcome to my establishment. Our aim at Dave’s Waves is to provide you with the finest sonically transcendent experiences available today. That is why we use only the purest and most accurate of waveforms in our soundscapes. After undergoing intense measurement, these waveforms are lovingly combined, then tastefully overtoned and modulated to bring out the special essences that we hope Dave’s Waves is known for. Sit down, get comfortable and enjoy your immersion. We hope you will return to Dave’s Waves again and again. And please tell your friends!
Your Host – David First”

The first ANTS international production comes with the new project by David First, one of the champions of the US experimental scene.
It’s a set of four long pieces, generated by the coupling of frequencies, pulsating drones designed to emulate and induce various states of brainwave activity. A static form that slowly modifies itself, in time. A new experience!