Complicated High Still Now …

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“When Eastern Europe only starts discovering “noise” music, in Japan – Meka of “noise’ music, a new age of artists, naming themselves “post noise”, wave is arising. One of them – Kouhei Matsunaga, well know from his split editions with Merzbow, constructed an interesting recording named “Complicated high still now…” from his archive tracks. Album consists of four tracks. Their totality makes an illusion of deep, sometimes dark, psychedelic mood to the listener. Album starts with silent and anxious track. The second one consists of prepossessing electronic loops. At the time of hearing the record the listener undoubtedly can recognise Japan music school. The third and the fourth tracks, which are the longest, Kouhei starts to rage over using the best Japan weapon – “noise”. Noise itself is quite aggressive and reminds of roughest Japan “noise” epoch creations but the construction of the sound is different and characteristic only to Kouhei. “Complicated high still now…” is undoubtedly Japan “post noise” music masterpiece.”
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