Freak Vs Man

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Dark, broading atmospheres from Amsterdam based project.
4 tracks, black on black. (33 min.)

“‘Freak Vs Man’ is the debut release by a young composer based in Holland. Like the Kapotte Muziek CD, it is a short, powerful audio statement and well worth getting hold of. It consists of four tracks, although I perceive of them as all being parts of one piece – a bit like electronic chamber music – as there is a definite link there somewhere. The sounds were all generated by keyboards (I think) and the tracks range in length from just under a minute ‘Years Past’ to almost nineteen of them ‘Far Yet Close’. Sometimes I think feel the long track is perhaps a little too long, considering it’s content, although I may just be an impatient sod. Played softly it hovers like a swarm of gentle insects with wings of silk. Very, very good indeed – and for the moment, my favourite of these three CD’s.”