Stille Post

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Ulrich Böttcher: percussion, electronics. Uwe Buhrdorf: clarinet, electronics. Ulrich Phillipp: bass, electronics. Since 1994 Maxwells Dämon has been playing improvised music with electro-acoustic instruments. The trio works beneath the surface of cleanly structured contexts to explore the molecular structure of music. With the music on ‘Stille post’, Maxwells Dämon expands their fragmentary approach extending it to the field of postproduction. The recorded music has been fragmented and re-composed in a multi-layered process: The original material Ð digitally recorded live onto 8 tracks in November 2000 Ð has been available to each of the three players as a reservoir for fragments. ‘Stille post’ emerged in an additive process with many single steps, each step passed on to the next musician by email. As a rule, the working context was always limited to a current window of some 60 seconds. After about 80 steps the material had grown into the new distributed composition. This way, Maxwells Dämon strategically eliminates the possibility of any wholistic plan. The process works against the function of overview and renders absurd the fictitious concept of of conscious control. ‘Stille post’ can be listened to in the suggested chronology, or Ð taking it a step further Ð it may also be played in random mode on the basis of the 47 Ids. Gerhard Westerath