The Nine Billion Names Of God

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M’lumbo in their twelve-year on and off psychedelic odyssey have released eight full-length albums as well several appearances on compilations and remixes (and the rare »Big Void« Pink Floyd parody with Helmet leader Page Hamilton which is much beloved by Pink Floyd fandom and mentioned in most books and comprehensive articles on the Floyd). They have been featured on over 100 college, progressive and public radio stations (including syndicated shows featuring their music), have done commercials, films, work for MTV and MTV 2, drawn countless enraptured reviews, received an ocean of comparisons to Miles Davis, Sun Ra, The Orb and praise from such disparate avatars as The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening, Brian Eno, Carly Simon, DJ’s
Olive and Spooky, Neil Young and Tom Waits, and have influenced some bands along the way [Sex Mob, Either/Orchestra].
From their origins as a »pomo to a fault, brilliantly silly seven-piece jazz/funk/afropop improvisarama« (Richard Gehr, Village Voice) they have metamorphosized into, first a smaller unit that »delivers upon the wasted promise of ambient music« (Alternative Press) and finally into the current line-up of six extraordinary musicians, four innovative and fast-rising filmmakers and one live soundman whose »audiovisual spectacle zeroes in on the fever dream elements of exotica« (Douglas Wolk, Village Voice).
They have given countless orgiastic and enthralling performances at both the old and new Knitting Factory and other N.Y.C. venues with opening acts such as Neotropic, Sean Lennon, Badawi, Mantronix, (virtual reality inventor) Jaron Lanier, Jojo Meyer’s Nerve, DJ Muttamasik and Duncan Sheik with constant recommendations of their shows by Time Out New York and the Village Voice.
Their recently completed film »System Noise« (with wall-to-wall music and guest appearances by Gary Lucas, Badawi and Neotropic) has won »best experimental feature« at the New York International Film Festival, toured as a Slamdance feature and
secured european distribution.
Following completion of this film in late 1999 M’lumbo began the recording of »The Nine Billion Names of God«, an album of eight mind-boggling originals that combine accessibility with transportive transcendence that »will transport you to M’lumbo’s private twilight zone« (Boston Herald) continuing and greatly extending M’lumbo’s »boho splendour!« forget the Lounge Lizard’s fake jazz, this is fuck-jazz; highly accomplished and highly irreverent at once, »psychotronic skit-skatting through the musical spectrum in a hyperactive-inspired burst of creativity and rhythm« (B-Side). »Imagine a collision between Tackhead, Eno-era Talking Heads, Bill Laswell, 70’s Miles Davis… mere words cannot do justice to convey the musical construction that you are going to hear« (Dead Earnest)
M’lumbo offers up the latest chapter of their luminous journey through cinema, dreams, electronica, acoustic, humour, terror, spirituality, jazz, world, acid rock, drum’n’bass, classical and forms unknown, with each moment stamped, ineluctably and seamlessly by M’lumbo’s wild post-everything originality.