The Shores Become Visible

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Composed of veterans of the Geneva rock scene who have already worked in Last Torridas, Prejudice, Forge, Fragment and Seaplane Harbor, this powerful and inventive quartet is located somewhere in the great galaxy commonly referred to as stoner. It is on a permanent label of the Usine de Genève: Urgence Disk Records that these four young people from different musical backgrounds decided to engrave their first trace in the groove. Like the visual affixed to the cake that goes 20 to 200 MPH (Macadam Pale Horses, note here that these people are full of humour) this disc avoids redundant shots and offers 9 varied compositions in a furiously rock’n’roll style. Ranging from pieces conducted drumbeat in the purest tradition of formation like Isis in the image of ‘At the rate of the medusa’ where the vocal parts are posed not as a song, but as an additional instrument and complementary to the bass-guitar-drum trio, to more aerial pieces like ‘J’embrasserai ta plaie’ in a style close to the French of La Chair but while remaining much more rock’n’roll, this group plays with linguistic boundaries by using in turn French in English to declaim its introspective and poetic texts. The lyrics are not one of the strongest points of the formations we deal with in these pages, their verb appears as a breath of invigorating air and these Swiss are therefore one of the few formations to have texts that make sense. Barbara’s female backings also bring a refreshing breath in this universe trusted by male vocalists.
Recorded and mixed by Gabriel Farine, singer and bassist of the band, during the summer of 2004 in the band’s studio, this first effort is, I hope, the beginning of a long series for these local rockers.