Im Erwachten Garten

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“A portrait of the author as a fish – and the music as his aquarium: DIETMAR DATH reads “Im erwachten Garten” (“In The Awoken Garden”), a hitherto unpublished “alternate version” (a “looking glass text”) to his polyphonic novel “Die Abschaffung der Arten” (“The Abolition Of The Species”). In it, animals explain the meaning of love, war and history to human beings. “Im erwachten Garten” is a key to a secret original text which lies beneath the published novel. The animated, unpredictable and chameleon like environment accompanying this text comes as a present from the musicians of the KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF.
Text becomes music, music becomes legible. There are two voices: That of the text and the other one, which whispers, susurrates, cooes, like a whitsun flamlet. And it is precisely this voice, which relates to the substance of the text. Such evening beauty, so wrapped up in reverb. Here we hear that the world has a drum kit where human beings have a heart. “They pelt the text with music and they shell the music with text so that written text suddenly receives an echo. Likewise, tonal matter seems to be organized in lines; the sounds receive a layout for the ear, a narrative nature and a lyrical texture.””