Tons Of Fun

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“For more than 10 years filled with three albums and a lot of 12”s, Jean-Michel’s music reflects not only the melodies streaming from his brain right into the instruments, but also the circumstances of production and technical evolutions constituting electronically generated music.
As “Bersarin Quartett” and by means of ambient sound-sculptures he recently sounded out quite impressively the possibilities of progressing deep into the textures of sound itself trying out steadily the power to mute time.
Finally he is back as Jean-Michel not least in order to formulate his very own definition of time-lapsing Dubstep-Electronica. As a refreshing and vital anti-thesis to ketamine-infested after-hour stiffness, “Tons Of Fun” introduces euphoric melodies of luck without ironic breaks, but with hooks and loops.
A highly melodic event-density flanked by little bits and pieces, and elaborately programmed variations in rhythm dominate his journey into Indietronica. One of the key-pieces is “Back To Lightspeed”, which transfers rhythmic and string-type elements into an abstract-noisy structure. We can await in suspense the sonification of his data with the live band on stage!”