The Demolition Series

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“Binding the overpass between sensuality and stoicism, ephemera and the sublime, hesitation and intoxication, Jasmina Maschina’s sonic folk soundscape transports you to the world of a familiar song that you are only too pleased to hear again. Her music glows with experience and feelings that are alien to none, and as yet imagines every part of human triviality to be unique and vital in its own subordinate way. It is the gorgeousness of the everyday.
She melds the most simple and innocent chord progressions of time-honoured folk music with a noisenik’s attraction to repetition, drone and inventiveness to create the sensation of paraesthesia on the skin and mind.
Lyrically, Jasmina Maschina lists the characters of the familiar and places them in the warm care of her imagination. The vocals resonate astonishment at the normal wonders of the world, an intensity of just being lucky enough to feel sensation and experience. They undertake the weight of human emotion with a frightful ease. “The Demolition Series” sounds like an effortless album. Soaring beauty, short rides to nowhere, characters met in the dark, are all in the experience of the artist. Purely, it is a clear view through steely eyes with a touch of innocent mysticism.
Jasmina Machina currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany, is one half of the experimental electronic duo Minit and composes sound for installation and film. She composed, recorded and produced her first solo album, “The Demolition Series”, at home. Guest musicians appear on the album; Torben Tilly (guitar), Jimmy Trash (melodica), Ari Benjamin Meyers (piano), Anthony Pieretti (drums) and Lucinda Dayhew (voice).”