A Priori

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“Something has been slowly happening to the perception of Lutes, over the past five years or so the instrument has received a kind of popular culture pardon. Jozef Van Wissem has been more of a sniper in this battle rather than a braying officer, his releases finding their mark and word spreading of his undoubted skill.”A Priori” is the most complete example yet of this renaissance-tagged instrument embracing timelessness. His minimalist playing may be a taint to those who prefer whippersnappers offering rippling runs of notes, to those accustomed to listen till they became surfeited, but Van Wissem plays with a tender surety. There is a Satie-like feel to the melody on ‘Aerumna’, the sharp strings announcing the notes like sundial chimes. His use of musical palindromes, instead of tying the pieces to form, makes his music seem instead like long gentle arcs of endless recurring melody. 8/10 — Scott McKeating”