Information Gigabyte

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“Our present society progresses and changes at an incredible speed. The amount of information we have access to or that is proposed to us is way greater than it used to be, even 10-15 years ago, thanks for the most part to the rise of Internet and the tremendous pace of progress in existing or new technologies. Researchers of UC Berkeley (Peter Lyman/Hal R. Varian/James Dunn/Aleksey Strygin/Kirsten Swearingen) found that ‘’the world’s total yearly production of print, film, optical, and magnetic content would require roughly 1.5 billion gigabyte of storage. This is the equivalent of 250 megabytes per person for each man, woman, and child on earth’’. One can only imagine what it will be like in 10 or 20 years from now…We are submerged in information, overwhelmed by it, the overabundance of information creates a potential or actual ‘’black hole’’, hence the birth of what we shall call the ‘’fear of information’’…Writers and futurologists Alvin and Heidi Toffler were the first to imagine the consequences of the paradigm change associated with the advent of the information era, in all spheres of human activity; the famous 1970 book, ‘Future Shock’, studies the acceleration of progress and its effects on every individual’s psychological structure. According to this book, an individual submitted to too much change in a too-limited time frame would experience stress and disorientation. This would then lead to various acute physical and mental disturbances, called “future shock”, accompanied by a feeling of helplessness and inadequacy…Our mind, physiology and social structures are not able to keep up with the rate at which change happens, or with the amount of new data available, on a constant basis…While wandering through those infinite mazes of information, wading through a vast ocean of choices, the individual has to select what is best for him and truly choose and discover himself! “