Active Agent Of Sound

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“The Berlin label, Klangwirkstoff Records, is dedicated to a practical music philosophy which doesn’t adhere to the bureaucratic norm, the standard pitch A = 440 Hz. Instead its basic tones are tuned to planetary and molecular resonance frequencies. With this ambient double CD, Klangwirkstoff brings together widely varied international music projects, all of which are working with this harmonical topic.
The planet tones on this CDs are acoustical exponents from our natural cosmic surroundings and our focus on them brings us into harmony with the way of things.
Music tuned to molecules, like planetary music, is composed in accordance with strict harmonical rules and is based on existing harmonic structures and the natural laws which govern the “cosmic octave”.
More literature about this topic: Harmonik (Kayser, Keppler, Haase), Kosmische Oktave (Cousto), Urtöne (Berendt), Hemisync (Monroe), Binaural Beats (Stanford Research Institute), Psychoakustik (Berger,Hutchison).”