Eyes Of A Dead Lamb

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“”Skeleton music”, I call it. Like taking the christmas tree out a couple of weeks after the festivities of sweet baby Jesus. You shake it just a bit and you’re left with just a frame, a ghost of a tree.
I’m also thinking of a stripper now, losing all her/his clothing one by one until finally we see what we came to see. Something familiar, something strangely soothing and comforting in all its nakedness. It’s something we understand.
Listening to this is quite the opposite, more like watching the stripper getting rid of EVERYTHING ELSE but the clothes.
Nothing to hum, no notes, no evergreen melodies. Just a ghost of a man playing a ghost of a guitar.
Bare necessities.”

About Tyyfus: Eyes of a Dead Lamb is the third release from Tyyfus, a Helsinki-based label specializing in the extremes of improvisation and free music.